Philippines (Catriona Gray)

Saturday, March 11th, 2017 - Miss Universe

This Philippines (Catriona Gray) is someone who was superb in Miss Universe with a myriad of achievements, hard working and done with painstaking effort, these people need to imitate and respect. You can download this hd wallpaper to inspiration in your live to make better days to days.

Philippines (Catriona Gray) How to make beautiful selfie photos like that! 1. Getting the lighting right can make all the difference. 2. Do a good amount of test shots, making sure to get all your different angles and sides. 3. Holding the phone above your head and shooting down in a 45 degree angle. 4. Most important thing but the background you choose can enhance the overall effect. 5. Be confident and have fun!!
Make the Philippines (Catriona Gray) as a source of inspiration for your model and styles.